Our Markets


Asia has been our main market since 1983. From small beginnings in Hong Kong, we now also deal personally with clients in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Tokyo and elsewhere. These cities are the focus of our eight to ten weeks of client visits to Asia each year.


We have an established list of long term clients, most of whom we had originally met in Asia, but who have returned to the UK, or settled elsewhere, after a stretch in Hong Kong or wherever. Our aim is to maintain personal contact, at least by phone throughout the year, but preferably in person, and to continue to offer the services they have become used to receiving over the years. Many are London based, but equally we have clients from Cold-Blow in Dyfedd to Killiecrankie in Perthshire, and welcome any of our clients to come and have lunch at Farthinghoe whenever they can. Be it advice on cellaring their wine at home, selling stock back into the market, or even fixing a visit to a vineyard or two on the continent, we like to think that these extra services really set us apart from our competitors and offer a truly bespoke service.

Other Markets

Since the early eighties, we have also made exploratory visits to Brunei, Bangkok, Taipei, Seoul, Bahrain, Dubai, Jakarta, Sarawak and the U.S. Alex has recently visited Mumbai, a market into which we intend to expand over the coming years. We welcome any further suggestions.