Cellaring Advice

We don't all enjoy the luxury of a cool, dark cellar, so one has to make plans to accommodate your stocks arriving from Octavian. These days there are a large number of options to choose from; specialist wine fridges, specialist racking or air-conditioning units, even spiral cellars sunk into your sitting room floor. We are happy to discuss whichever is the right solution for you and put you in touch with the appropriate supplier. Ultimately, the quality of the storage affects the quality of your wine, so it's worth getting it right!

Spiral Cellars is the specialist creator of underground wine cellars offering a flexible, unique and seamless system for storing fine wines in the home. A watertight cylindrical concrete system is sunk into the earth through the ground floor of a house, from the convenience of the kitchen or lounge to the garage or garden room, and its size options offer great flexibility whatever the collection. The Spiral Cellar, first developed by Frenchman Georges Harnois is 1977, is designed to store wine at optimum humidity, temperature and darkness and works by using the earth's natural attributes and a clever ventilation system.

In the absence of a perfectly controlled cellar, we recommend EuroCave wine storage cabinets for safely keeping your wine at home in a perfect cellar environment. The units recreate a constant and accurate temperature. Aside from the cabinet's beautiful design and quality, the primary reason to buy a EuroCave is the accuracy and constancy of this internal environment. These units are as suitable for the garage (because they heat as well as cool) as for use in the house and offer an extremely large capacity within the space they occupy.

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