General General

We now ship any of our clients' wines to them anywhere (deliverable!) in the world. Our specialist shipping service has been on stream since 2003, and is a fully comprehensive door-to-door service, provided at extremely reasonable rates. In essence, we look to ship to our key markets, Hong Kong and Singapore, in the autumn of each year. The aim is generally to arrange a consolidated shipment of a number of clients' cases to take advantage of reduced freight rates, rather than as an individual. It has been very effective and by all accounts our clients have been delighted with the results.

Air Freight Air Freight

Shipments elsewhere on a more urgent or individual basis are also available, and we have shipped to properties in Italy, France, Spain, Canada, the Caribbean and Asia with ease. For immediate Inter-Continental shipments, we advise the Air-Freight approach, which is extremely efficient, though unsurprisingly more expensive than the Sea-freight option. We work primarily with one freight-forwarder, a small and highly efficient operation, which has many years experience of specialist Fine Wine freight-forwarding with a web of contacts around the world. Being a small firm, your shipment of wine is dealt with personally, and is not simply yet another consignment being moved through a logistics system, as one may experience with some of the larger operations. We have been very impressed.

Sea Freight Sea Freight

This has become increasingly important for regular shipment to Hong Kong and Singapore. Consolidated, chilled reefer containers have become increasingly available and we work closely with Rhenus logistics in Hong Kong for onward shipment, storage and final delivery within Hong Kong. For those looking for a temporary storage solution, it seems that clients tend to use Crown Wine cellars who are well established in the market.

We have a similar service to Singapore, with our cold storage and distributor partners being Wine Bond PTE Ltd, which can also offer private client storage arrangements.


Typical sea-freight costs for our shipment to Hong Kong and Singapore are around 25-30 per case, Door-to-Door. For bespoke shipments, costs vary considerably, so each shipment is tailored around the requirements of the client. You must be aware that each country has its own Duty and Tax system, and this is dealt with locally. The delivering agents contact you directly for your payment of local taxes. We can, of course, advise on local rates prior to any shipment being arranged.

*PLEASE NOTE*. Any stock stored 'In Bond' at Octavian is NOT subject to UK Duty or VAT unless cleared for use in the U.K.