Storage at Octavian

Storage We took the decision to move all our storage operations to Octavian Bond in Wiltshire in 1993. In retrospect, it was one of our best decisions since FFW started trading in 1975. Octavian Bond is widely regarded within the trade as THE Bonded Warehouse in the UK for the storage of Fine Wine for a number of important reasons.

Customs & Excise

The warehouse is regarded as a 'Best Practice' operation by UK C&E; it has an excellent 'whiter than white' reputation - so important for our clients looking to store high value wines over a long period of time.

Physical Conditions

In a word, they are perfect! The area of 20 football pitches as underground galleries, the Octavian facility was originally a limestone mine, some 100 feet underground, offering ideal natural conditions for the storage of Fine Wine. With the multi-million pound Temperature and Humidity control system, you can be assured that your wines are stored at between 13.5 -14° year in, year out, and that the humidity is maintained at around 75%. This is perfect.


There are only two ways in and out of Octavian, both of which are steep tunnels, an effort to walk up at the best of times, let alone carrying a case of wine! Rest assured that your wine couldn't be in safer hands.


Being a relatively new facility, Octavian were able to set up their business with sophisticated stock control systems. These have recently been updated further to allow their trade clients fully interactive Internet access to all fundamental stock movements on a daily basis. For such a complicated logistics operation, this is a major Bull point.


Octavian run their own fleet of delivery vehicles and we advise you to allow up to one working week for delivery. If urgent, at a premium, deliveries can be delivered within 48 hours. We simply pass on to our client Octavian's delivery rate to us, with a modest fee for our general administration.

Clients' Accounts

Each client has his own account, with his account number, in his name. The account is structured in such a way that nobody can authorise the movement of any stock from a client's account without the account holder's written authorisation, so legal ownership of each case of wine is absolutely clear cut. This offers a great deal of re-assurance for our clients and is a very happy arrangement for all involved. Each case of wine is now bar-coded upon receipt into the bond and shows five important pieces of information:


  • Administrative account number
  • The client's account name and number
  • The Product code of the wine
  • The number of cases and bottles with receipt date into the Bond
  • A unique 'rotation number'
  • A description of the wine including volume and contents

We administer over 16,000 cases of wine on our clients' behalf and have an extremely good relationship with 'The Bond'. All wine is fully insured at market value, rather than original cost, and this is factored in to our annual rental charge.

Please feel free to explore Octavian's website, available at