Why create a cellar now?

There are five very good reasons why one should start to build a cellar. Put simply, they are....

Finance Finance

By buying steadily over a number of years, one has the chance to build an interesting and exciting cellar without the burden of a substantial one-off payment. Of course, this demand on the finances is reduced even further for clients working in countries such as Singapore and Hong Kong, where low tax regimes result in higher disposable income to spend on life's little luxuries. Put simply, a bit of time and money invested now will more than pay dividends as you continue to draw corks on beautifully matured wines for many years to come.

Price Price

One expects a wine's value to increase as it matures and, in the case of top Bordeaux, quite considerably so. This is not always the case for some of the lesser names or more obscure wines but, as a rule, if Chateaux or Merchants are investing in stock over the years, as global supply diminishes the price tends to rise. This is particularly true of the most sought after properties in top vintages.

Provenance Provenance

Buying very young wines allows us the rare opportunity to store them in the perfect conditions of Octavian Bond. Your cases would be stored 30 metres under the hills of Wiltshire in the UK, at a constant 12 C, 365 days of the year, allowing your wines to mature slowly, in perfect conditions and to their full potential. Building a cellar in this way avoids the unnecessary risk of buying wines of unknown provenance 'off the shelf'. This considerably reduces the risk of corked or spoiled wines - always an expensive frustration.

Availability Availability

By buying young wines, one is able to secure bottles which are often simply not available on the shelves five or ten years later. This is particularly true for Burgundies, Rhones, Italian and Spanish wines, as well as for Champagne.

Fun Fun

Simply from personal experience, we can tell you how much pleasure and satisfaction there is to be gained from having a collection of wines at home. The ability to pull out a 1998 Chateauneuf-du-Pape one evening and a 1994 Rioja the next, let alone a range of mature Medocs, St Emilions, Pomerols, Burgundies, or Barolos is immensely good fun. Either that, or we're taking it all too seriously!

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