Why Use Farthinghoe Fine Wine?

Our clients are successful, busy people, who appreciate the highest possible level of service. We feel we offer a unique service with considerable added value, and that is what we continually strive to deliver...

  • A Family Business:
    Simon Cox Simon Cox 1935 - 2013 Farthinghoe, under Simon's guidance from 1975 till 2013 when he sadly passed away, has had nearly forty years experience looking after private clients world-wide, particularly in Asia and the UK. Alex is committed to taking the business forward to the half century and beyond, so there is no worry of having to endure the frustration of a change of 'Account Manager' every other year.
  • A Wealth of Knowledge: Simon had been a Master of Wine since 1985. Alex personally tastes and selects virtually every wine listed, and can offer you first-hand knowledge of each and every one - not something many of our competitors, with large sales teams working from their buyers tasting notes, can boast. We feel this combination allows us to offer a truly unrivalled bespoke service to each client.
  • The Farthinghoe Team: We have an excellent team in the office who are dedicated to the business and to looking after our clients. They have a broad range of professional skills between them, a depth of experience within the business, and run a tight ship. This will become apparent as you get to know them.
  • Personal Visits: A telephone or conference call is all well and good, but nothing beats a personal meeting and a shake of the hand. Alex visits all our main markets at least once a year, offering the opportunity to discuss your developing cellar in your office, over lunch, a drink or dinner - far more civilised than a sales call when you're least expecting it.
  • The Extra Mile: "Alex, I need two cases delivered to Hong Kong for my birthday next week" or "I'm sitting in a cafe in Beaune right now, can you set up a tasting visit this afternoon for me?" These are not unusual calls to the office and the point is, if we can do it, we will. It's as simple as that.

With all clients, Alex is ready to offer individual and personal advice. However, to get a clear initial impression, any pointers on the following would help us get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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